Absentee Healing:

Since the energy healing Reiki can transcend space and time, it is available to anyone, in any place, for healing physical, mind and mood problems and emotional issues and for success in exams, interviews and future events. For Reiki healing for physical and emotional issues we contact you at the appointed time by phone and then healing session continues offline while you relax in your own space and receive the healing of Reiki energy. After the session, we again contact you to share your experience and our findings. For other issues, after initial discussion we do the distance Reiki at the appointed time.

Charges :Rs. 200.00/ $ USD 20

Distance Reiki or Absentee healing is undertaken for

1. Critical health issue

2. Acute health problems

3. Psychological issues

4. Depression & Anxiety

5. Situation healing

6. Event success

7. Improvement in relationships

8. Soul healing

9. Past life karma healing

The above list is not exhaustive. You may please contact us with the issue concerning you and we will discuss the solution available through Reiki.

For chronic ailments where long term healing is required special discounts are available.