Healing Core Anxiety

We were celebrating Father’s day at my parents. I was sitting next to my younger brother. For some reason he was super exited. I just kept my hand on back of his neck and without telling started giving Reiki to him. Immediately he relaxed and calmed down. After a while I asked him how he was feeling. He said he is feeling very relaxed and feels like sleeping.

People who do Reiki healing may have observed that, whenever they do Reiki healing the receiver goes to sleep. If you ask them subsequently they will deny. Why people deny having gone to sleep? It’s not that they are feeling embarrassed it is because during the healing they become oblivious to everything and experience bliss.

Bliss is not physical but is spiritual. It is spontaneous (as it happened in case of my brother and as is experienced by receiver of Reiki). It is not dependent; it is not given but experienced deep within and can be expressed as “silence enjoying silence”. Reiki through vibrational transmission heals the core anxiety and receiver experiences superior calm. According to Paramhansa Yogananda , “bliss is a transcendental state of calm”.