Healthy Chakras Healthy you

Today most of us are quite familiar with term Chakra healing or chakra balancing. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally translates as wheel and refers to spinning vortices of subtle energy fields lying along the spinal column from base of the spine to crown of the head. As per ancient Hindu texts there are seven major chakras. These chakras govern our intents, emotions are associated with endocrine glands, govern body parts. These chakras receive and direct the flow of life force energy or pran shakti in our body and are reflection of our physical, mental and emotional health aspects.

All chakras are aligned with one of the endocrine glands. When the emotional aspects are disturbed it affects the associated endocrine glands and associated body parts.

For various reasons the flow of prana Shakti through our chkras is reduced or blocked. Once this happens the impediment affects us at the associated physical mental or emotional plane.

When the flow of life force energy through chakras is blocked it causes disease at certain physical, mental or emotional plane. Let us take the case of Solar plexus. This chakra mentally governs issues related to will power, anxiety, fear physically it governs digestive system. When the flow of energy is blocked through this chakra one is likely to suffer ulcers and digestive system related problems. The imbalance may be caused in this chakra due to fear, anxiety and lack of confidence. People reacting to fear or stressful situation with abdominal pain or diarrhea is to common an example of imbalanced Solar plexus.

The life force energy responds to thoughts and feelings. Right from childhood we keep on accumulating, either consciously or unconsciously the negative feelings. The causes for these negative feelings may include memories buried deep within, relationship issues with parents, childhood abuse, prohibitive belief system, repeated emotional trauma, lack of attention, scare perception, feeling of guilt and stifled anger etc. The result is accumulated pent-up feelings distressing the flow of energy through one or more chakras. Initially the effect of these blockages is reflected through changes in one’s behavior, posture, appetite, metabolism, breathing and emotional state. These changes if appraised and one is able to classify the cause and take remedial measures, these initial symptoms will not develop into disease.

However If managed these blockages will chronically block the flow of life force energy affecting chakra individually or in conjunction. Long term damage may occur manifesting in various illnesses like ulcer, diabetes, digestive system disorders, cardiovascular problems, stones, depression and cancer etc.

Through Chakra Healing we can heal an ailment comprehensively as Chakra healing raises the vibratory rate of the energy field in and around the physical body allowing the flow of life force energy in its original healthy and natural way. The free flow of energy leads to improved functioning of various vital organs in our body assuring our physical and emotional wellbeing.

There are numerous profound practices which can restore the natural vibratory frequency of the chakras and bring them back into proper vibrational alignment. These include yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, japa, mantra chanting, Holy Scripture recitation, chakra meditation using mudras and mantras, color therapy, crystal therapy, energy vibration therapy, sound therapy and Reiki.

Some of these practices are intensely personal internal processes where some can be employed for healing others who are not initiated into those practices. Regardless of whichever process you follow for Chakra Healing the end result will be a physically healthier body and an emotionally stable and happier you.