Reiki Master :

This class offers tools on how to work as a Master Practitioner and provide advice and solutions to your clients and students. Deserving candidates who undergo prolonged training on “One to One” basis with Reiki Master Teacher and have sufficient healing experience and having deep devotional attitude towards Reiki are encouraged to undertake Master Level Class.

Prerequisite :Reiki Level-I and-II Certification required. Also should have sufficient healing experience.

This is one days class and covers the following aspects.

  • 1. Experience sharing of level I and II.
  • 2. Revisit Reiki Precepts
  • 3. Revisit Reiki symbols
  • 4. The Usui Master attunement and master symbol is given.
  • 5. The Master symbol creates profound spiritual growth and is a powerful tool to use for healing. During the class you will get powerful healing experience.
  • 6. Practice time for giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions.
  • 7. You will be guided about how to heal spiritual blockages, emotional imbalances, difficult relationships and financial issues and other body and soul issues.
  • 8. Chakra Balancing
  • 9. Kenyoku
  • 10. Rebirth Meditation. It is a special meditation which strengthens and expands consciousness.
  • 11. Light Circle.
  • 12. How to prepare and conduct classes
  • 13. Attunement process for level -I and Level-II
  • 14. Practice time
  • 15. Question answers

Class Timings : The class is organized with prior appointment. Lunch and tea with light snacks are served and seekers will be given the Reiki Manual, Reiki Music and a certificate.

Course Fee : Please contact us.