"For learning Reiki it is important to find the right Reiki Master. Do your research, speak to Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher and learn Reiki from one with whom you feel comfortable talking to and attuned to and who will also be able to guide you after you have learnt Reiki."

Reiki learning is very simple. The ability to heal using Reiki energy is passed on by way of attunements by Reiki Master / Master Teacher in a Reiki class. The physical Master-student connection is an important aspect of passing on of Reiki energy and is an important contributor to the student’s grasp of the Reiki healing practice. The person who is attuned is called Reiki Channel or Reiki practitioner or Reiki healer. These attunements help the Reiki Healer channelize unlimited supply of Reiki energy to improve his or her own and others physical and spiritual wellbeing and also overall quality of life. The initiation into Reiki is broadly divided into three levels or three degrees.

Reiki Level I: Traditionally for the First degree The Reiki attunements are given over two days. After being initiated into first level Reiki the student is called Reiki Channel or Reiki Healer and he or she develops the capability to heal self and others by touch. During the class history of Reiki, procedures and hand positions of Reiki healing are taught. First degree course in Japanese is given the name of Shoden.

Reiki Level II: At this level student learns three symbols and is given another attunement. The symbols and attunement increases the healing power of the individual fourfold as compared to power of first level Reiki Healer. After being attuned in second degree one can send Reiki beyond time and distance. One is able to heal without being physically present with the recipient and this is known as distant healing or absentee healing. Second level Reiki healers in addition to heal by touch and distance healing can heal situations, relationship issues, future events and past negative experiences. Options are limitless. Second degree course in Japanese is given the name of Okuden meaning Inner teaching.

It is recommended that Reiki Level II be learned as soon as possible after learning Reiki level I.

Reiki Level III:This level is generally divided as detailed below.

Reiki Master Level A:At this level Master attunement and the master symbol are given. The student is taught to use the master symbol for healing. The Usui Master Symbol is most powerful symbol and is to be used by Reiki Masters only. This symbol with due practice further increases the intuitive and psychic power of the practitioner. The use of master symbol with practice helps increase the Reiki energy along with perceptive, intuitive and healing power and one can initiate healing at soul level.

Reiki Master Level B:At this level one can initiate others into Reiki level I & II through attunements.

Master Teacher Level:On becoming Master Teacher one can attune others into Reiki for all levels.

This third level training or "master degree" in Japanese is given the name of Shinpiden.

Traditionally deserving candidates who had spent sufficient number of years assisting Reiki Master Teacher healing patients, practicing Reiki for self-development and conducting classes under the tutelage of Reiki Master Teacher were identified by Reiki Teacher to be initiated as Reiki Masters. Then after spending good number of years of Reiki practice they were chosen to be initiated as Reiki Master Teacher.

Those having sufficient experience and having deep devotional attitude towards Reiki should venture to become Reiki Master Teacher.

It is recommended that one should go to next level of Reiki after doing enough practice at each level.